Photographing a wedding is not just taking photos. In fact, it is quite a bit more than that. Photographing a wedding is capturing moments that may or may not happen again. That moment when the mother of the bride is fixing up her daughter’s dress while remembering all the times her little girl used to play dress up and walk down imaginary aisles. That moment when the father of the groom taps his son’s shoulder and thinks to himself “Wow, my boy is getting married today. Where did the time go?” That moment when the groom finally sees his bride walking down the aisle and the tears of joy stream down his cheeks. As he sees his beautiful queen coming toward him to start a new journey, the bride he chose to be his partner for a lifetime. So many other moments that are captured to live for many years to come. As a professional photographer, it is my sole job to focus on such moments. To make time stand still and create a forever image of how your true love brought you two together to be one.