Our Video Work

Kenneth Lonergan once said “Filmmaking, like any other art, is a very profound means of human communication; beyond the professional pleasure of succeeding or the pain of failing, you do want your film to be seen, to communicate itself to other people.”
As strong believers in the effects of art on mankind, we believe that a video or a short film can be just as effective as a photo. This page was dedicated to show our video collection, from weddings to commercial, and other events we have filmed in the past.

These two are the meaning of fate. Jessie and Mike met a very long time ago, but sadly went in separate ways. 16 years later, they found each other and the love was still there. Sand Stone Films was lucky to capture the moments these two celebrated their love.

Ken & Jenn’s wedding was amazing. Knowing Ken for a while, we knew that Jenn would be a perfect compliment to him. They’re simply a great couple, and just cute together. We love you guys!

Love is truly in the air with these lovebirds. You can see it in their eyes!

Holly Spears, Girl On A Mission Music, is a singer and song writer with a special message. Part of her mission is to free slaved, underprivileged girls who are used and abused by the evil in our society. Through her songs she tells stories about her life and how she became the amazing person she is now. Holly shows the work of God in all she does. “Boots & Bling” was the album she produced in 2014 and Sand Stone Films was the chosen photographer and videographer to help promote this album.

For many years, Cross The Bridge For Life has been promoting the will of God and promoting the pro-life movement.

When all the doors closed in her face, and all her friends said “it can’t be done” , “you can’t go with this” and “you have to get rid of it”, she turned to the only people who would help her. The only people who believed ” it can be done”, “she can go with this” and “she doesn’t have to get rid of it”. She turned to New Hope Center to find help. It is our honor to present to you, “The Story of Ariana”.

Celebrating 25 years of Pro-Life ministry.